7 Reasons Why Windows Phone is the Best OS No One is Using

Windows Phone has been out for a while now, and while we’ll admit that the first generation of Windows Phones weren’t all that, ever since the second generation of Windows Phone devices running Mango have arrived, we have had a difficult time understanding why the platform is struggling so much. As a matter of fact, Nokia just reported that despite all their new Windows Phone devices, they reported a 73 percent fall in fourth-quarter earnings.

Granted, we fully understand that the smartphone marketplace is incredibly competitive. The market is flooded with handsets and the average consumer can hardly keep up with them all. That said, we love Windows Phone. Personally, it’s my mobile OS of choice, outside of iOS. So there I said it. Go ahead Android fanboys and girls, lay your wrath on me.

And now, here are our top 7 reasons for why Windows Phone is the best mobile OS that no one is using.

1. It’s affordable without compromises.

For $50 to $100 you can pick up a Windows Phone like the Nokia Lumia 710 (T-Mobile), HTC Radar (T-Mobile), or Samsung Focus Flash (AT&T). These phones offer 4G data speeds, and plenty of performance and features. They hardly feel like budget phones at all.

2. There are powerful handsets to choose from, just like with Android.

But besides for offering many fine budget handsets, the latest generation of Windows Phone devices like the HTC Titan II, Samsung Focus S, and Nokia Lumia 900 are all 4G (some even LTE) devices, that offer plenty of power without compromise. As a matter of fact, the Samsung Focus S offers a very similar form-factor to the popular Android powered Galaxy S II, so it’s like having the best of both worlds.

3. Windows Phone might be made by Microsoft, but it’s very Mac friendly.

The free Windows Phone Connector software for Mac makes syncing your Windows Phone with your Mac easy. The software lets you do stuff like backing up your photos and syncing the phone with iTunes playlists.

4. Windows Phone is perfect as a first smartphone.

Windows Phone’s GUI isn’t only slick, but it’s easy to use, and nearly impossible to get lost in. It also comes with all of the important features ready to go out of the box which makes it great for first time smartphone users. That includes everything from Facebook and Twitter integration to maps. This all makes it easy for first time users to get up and running without having to download any third party apps or having to get involved in configuring any complicated settings.

5. The Marketplace has all the essentials.

A year ago the Windows app Marketplace was pretty weak, but now things have really improved. While the catalog is not nearly as big as what Android and iOS is offering, pretty much all the big players are there. That includes Foursquare, Spotify, Slacker, Angry Birds and more. Many of these apps are super slick too, and a lot nicer than their counterparts on other platforms.

6. Windows 8 is coming, and it’s a lot like Windows Phone 7.5

Perhaps the reason people haven’t taken to Windows Phone is because the user interface is so different. But the upcoming Windows 8 uses the same metro U.I. that Windows Phone 7 introduced, and it’s sure to spread like wild fire on PCs. So maybe once Windows 8  is out, users will identify with Windows Phone better. In the meanwhile, Windows Phone is a great introduction to this new type of U.I., and that is a good thing because Windows 8 is already looking to be pretty sweet.

7. Live Tiles are addictive!

Speaking of the U.I., Windows Phone’s Live Tiles are awesome and addictive. These tiles,which sit on your home screen offer quick glances to data such as the latest weather or number of emails in your inbox. And now that Windows Phone 7.5 allows 3rd party apps to fully utilize Live Tiles, Live Tiles are becoming more and more dynamic and clever.

So there you have it – 7 reasons why Windows Phone is da bomb. Now if only more of you cared…


  1. We have 3 in our family, and wer’e looking forward to Windows Phone 8.  Win Phone 8 is due in October along with Windows 8.  I’ll say more after I’ve used the Beta, which is due the end of Feb.

  2. YEAH! Best OS!

    Samsung Focus is our first smart phone, my wife wasn’t that happy when I bought WP for her not an iPhone. Now. she is not only total converted, but find iPhone boring. when I jokingly said to her let’s switch to iPhone, she said, “what? no, don’t be stupid.”

  3. I thnk MS should give users the choice of using the live tile interface or an android- icon like interface with live widgets…….am an android user and not shiftng to wp7 bcoz of the interface…we want to know we can change the interface like we want to….look at android and its launchers..u can have a new experience each day…people want control of all aspects if they can…..why arent there any launcher like apps for wp7….nevermind the other apps….they will catch up!

  4. You say that, but I’m willing to bet that a lot of people just want something simple that works, without tons of optimisation options. I’m one of these types. I really can’t stand wasting time messing around setting my phone up. I have a few live tiles which give me all the info I need and that’s it. Everything else works great. My other half also prefers her WP7 phone to her old Android phone for the same reason. I’m not saying Android is bad – I’m simply saying that WP7 is better for me. And many people will be thinking the same.

  5. Actually it is pretty universally acknowledged that the UI is the weakest point of Android … so suggesting adopting the ‘worst in class’ UI is something I hope Microsoft does NOT do.

  6. I recently got a windows phone 7 (htc-HD7) from t-mobile for free with a contract, I’m really impressed with it, I did have to force the mango update but it’s worked flawlessly since. My wife got an android which I also like but when comparing ease of use the WP7 makes android look a little clumsy. Granted androids customization features are better I’d rather have minimal stress when trying to navigate through the phone, it’s minimalistic but with most of the abilities android offers. The biggest drawback i see at the moment is no adobe flash player support and the app store is missing a good chunk of product compared to android, but that will come with time. I don’t see myself switching to another OS as long as Microsoft continues to improve, they’re off to a great start.

  7. windows phone 7.5 is definatly awesome and has got a UI that beats androidsa ageing Ui hands down..its slick,fast and super sexy..micrsoft wil sure gonna catch up with ios and android…its just that people are not willing to try out the product.. so all u fan boys believe me its the best looking os.and faster than your android..also chekcthe ‘smoked by windows phone’ challenge on youtube..and u will come to know..

  8. Nope – all of the people I ask hate metro (granted most haven’t actually used it). It puts people off trying

  9. I prefer windows mobile 5/6, windows phone 7 has no functionality, ie
    WP7 has NO direct USB connection to a PC for file transfer!
    Where is my VLC media player so I can have variable playback speeds!
    Can’t create a video playlist!
    The listing of media titles don’t wrap so often it is impossible to accurately ID the video u want.
    The video THUMBNAILS are pretty BUT USELESS!!
    Adobe Reader is useless for large documents ie text books of 300+ pages


  10. That’s
    the point they are talking about fashion not their actual experience.  I’ve used all 3 extensively and there is absolutely
    no doubt that from a user experience perspective WP7 is the better OS.

    It’s more easy to navigate and just has far more depth and attention to detail.  The other 2 are very vanilla in comparison.

    Once your friends see more people using it they will start to think it is cooler.

  11. they’ll care, don’t worry… iphone may have been great when it came first a few years ago, now is just boring and expensive.

  12. I just blogged about the upcoming changes in Windows Phone 8 and it really feels like the OS is going in the right direction. Not only that but Microsoft are introducing some aspects that appear ahead of iOS and Android. Plus a great encryption feature for enterprise users. If only it wasn’t so Bing centered!

  13. I have used iPhone for 4 years iPhone 1 & iPhone 4, to me Windows Phone 7.5 is much more smarter than iOS, slick and fast. Metro UI is amazing and bold text everywhere is radical and fresh, and iOS/Android seems ancient! Even I’m surprised why Windows Mobile is slow to get any market share, in spite of very affordable phones available.

  14. I totally AGREE. I just switched from WM6.5 (with SPB Mobile Shell) and I
    think the WP7 ’tiles’ interface pales in comparison. Lots of wasted
    screen real estate and lack of customization. I want my phone to be as
    customizable as my Windows Desktop!

  15. I definitely agree. I just made the jump to WP7 from WM65 (with SPB Mobile Shell). Although I am loving the web experience on my new Samsung Focus Flash (WP7.5) and the great google maps… the day-to-day stuff like dialing, email, calendar appts, tasks, file transferring was WAY better on my WM65 phone. I only WISH that SPB will bring there shell to WP7!!

  16. I definitely agree. I just made the jump to WP7 from WM65 (with SPB Mobile Shell). Although I am loving the web experience on my new Samsung Focus Flash (WP7.5) and the great google maps… the day-to-day stuff like dialing, email, calendar appts, tasks, file transferring was WAY better on my WM65 phone. I only WISH that SPB will bring there shell to WP7!!

  17. Yes simple is GOOD and I think that MS will sell more WP7 phones if the phones come out of the box setup that way. However, they should STILL be much more customize-able for advanced users.

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