Samsung Unveils Super OLED TV

If you’ve ever seen a smartphone with an OLED display, you’d have to agree it’s one of the sharpest images, with most vibrant colors, and blackest blacks. Scaling up the beautiful 3″ OLED screen seemed like it was never going to happen until now. Samsung has just unveiled their amazingly gorgeous 55 inch Super OLED TV. This TV seriously delivers the ultimate in picture quality and design.

The Samsung Super OLED is produced from a single pane of glass. The OLED pixels are comprised of self-emitting RGB sub-pixels laid directly on to the display panel. It can differentiate varying degrees of blacks and shadows which helps to deliver the most accurate image possible.

As if the Super OLED wasn’t already too-good-to-be-true, it actually offers faster response times than LED, reducing motion blur, and it happens to weigh less too. The screen runs almost all the way to the border, and is so thin that the profile is practically non-existent. Samsung says that with the screen off the TV “appears like a framed piece of luxurious floating glass” appearing to be a work-of-art rather than an electronic device.

Like the future Samsung Smart TVs, the Super OLED will be equipped with a camera, dual-microphones, and a dual-core processor that enables intuitive control, voice activation, hand-gesture activation, and a ton of an endless amount of on-screen applications.

There’s no word on pricing or availability yet for the Samsung Super OLED display, but we’ll be saving up our money for one of the sexiest, clearest, and truest looking television sets we’ve seen!