V-Moda Faders VIP Review – 2012 Edition

It hasn’t been long since we last reviewed the V-Moda Faders Ear Plugs, and V-Moda has just released a new version with updated features. We’ve been using our V-Moda Faders to keep from blowing out our ears at all the New York concerts. They’ve been working so well that we were surprised there was anything to improve. The new V-Moda faders now include a removable cord, a carrying case, and a couple other little changes.

The V-Moda Faders Ear Plugs look just like a pair of headphones, except the cable only runs from one bud to the other. The ear buds themselves are indistinguishable from a working headphone bud, down to the mesh grill and replaceable silicone tip. By inserting the ear buds into your ears, you protect your hearing by filtering noise levels up to 12dB. At a concert, and even in real-life, music and speech are still completely audible. They keep the mids and high-range audio crystal clear, while removing some of the unnecessary loud low-end noises.

The nice thing about the V-Moda Faders Ear Plugs is that you can control how much noise/audio you want to filter by adjusting the fit. For instance, if you want to reduce as much noise as possible, you’d just push them deeper into your ear canal or use a larger pair of silicone tips. To hear a little extra audio, loosen them from your ear a bit, you’ll still be able to headbang without losing your buds.

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One of the helpful features of the V-Moda Faders is that they are tethered together, so you can’t easily lose them. It’s also good for hanging them around your neck while not in use. Maybe people thought the cord was too much like the elder ladies who wear a cord around their glasses and play canasta, because now it’s removable. The cable screws off with a sturdy metal screw attached to each end of the cable. The cord also happens to be a little longer and not as rigid/thick as the original faders. The thinner cord is an improvement because it allows you to crumple up the cord and shove it in the little carrying case, which wasn’t previously included. The hard plastic carrying case is as small as it possibly can be, which is convenient to pocket.

Let’s face it, our hearing is important, and we should only hope it will last our whole lives. As much as I love attending concerts, I shouldn’t have to lose my hearing as a result. The V-Moda Faders Ear Plugs are one of the best methods of protection against harmful sound. The silicone tips come in small, medium, and large. The Faders come in red, pink, or black and look even more stylish with the removable cord. Though these new V-Moda Faders are not yet available on V-Moda.com, we assume they will be consistant with the original $15 price point. This is a small price to pay for Ear Plugs that could last a lifetime and hearing that will hopefully last just as long. Stay tuned and check out our original review.

The Good: Protects Hearing, Look Good, Comfortable, Removable & Durable Cord, Included Carrying Case, Affordable
The Bad: Not Yet Available

Update 5/11/2012 – They are now available!

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