Vuzix Shows Off a Real-Life HUD in Sunglasses Form

You read that right – fantasies stoked by science fiction entries from Dragonball Z to Halo are coming a little closer to fruition. At CES 2012 this week, Vuzix showed off its new SMART glasses technology, made possible in part thanks to a partnership with Nokia. The lenses of the sunglasses will be capable of providing video to the user, but these aren’t like the head-mounted television screens we’ve been seeing as of late. These new sunglasses will provide a genuine heads-up display, allowing the user to see the images transmitted by the sunglasses, in addition to what’s going on in the world outside. The display also allows for high contrast and brightness, making outdoor use feasible.

The glasses are also capable of head tracking, sensing position in the environment, and recording, making all sorts of augmented reality possibilities in play. The SMART glasses will also be very lightweight – the display is a 1.4 mm thick plastic waveguide lens that uses input and output hologram structures to work its visual magic.

The technology in these glasses has been around for some time, but never in a practical, lightweight form for the everyday consumer (at least nothing you’d want to be seen in public with). Now that Vuzix has something that looks stylish, the sky’s the limit once developers start making programs with these SMART glasses in mind. We’re on our way to scouter levels and life meters measured by hearts – many a dream come true.