Get Ready for the Avengers with the Captain America Motorcycle Suit

The latest replica from UD Replicas will put you squarely in the company of Avengers. The Captain America motorcycle suit is officially licensed and is a detailed copy of the suit worn by the Captain in last year’s “Captain America: The First Avenger.” The fact that Steve Rogers actually rode a motorcycle in that movie automatically makes this one of the coolest creations to come out of UD Replicas. The gloves, boots, belt, pants, and jacket are all leather, and include removable CE approved body armor and a spine protector. That’s key of you’re going to wear this to your local midnight showing of “The Avengers” in May, which, if you purchase this suit, you have absolutely no business not doing.

Now, for the bad news. Despite all appearances, the shield and helmet you see pictured are just cheap advertising – you won’t be getting either with the suit. Apologies to anyone whose superhero dreams were just dashed. Still, UD Replicas doesn’t mess around with accuracy or quality, so if you’re a big Cap fan, the suit is worth a look.

Unfortunately, one of these jackets will do your wallet Tesseract-powered-gun-style, vaporizing a good $1,290 CAD (about the same in USD) instantly. The suits are scheduled for a late April delivery, with “The Avengers” hitting theaters on May 4th. What a fortuitous coincidence!