Speck FitFolio and WanderFolio Kindle Fire Case Reviews

Speck has two great new book-style cases out for the Kindle Fire, the FitFolio and the WanderFolio. The FitFolio for Kindle Fire is available in a choice of three colors, including a bright red, cyan, or black. The case operates the way so many iPad cases do in the way that it’s a book-style folio with a cover can that be folded back. This way the FitFolio can be used to prop up the Kindle Fire for a low angle for typing, as well as a stand for watch movies.

The FitFolio case itself is very form fitting and securely holds the Kindle Fire in place via a custom-fit polycarbonate cradle. But besides for the polycarbonate cradle, the rest of the FitFolio is made of a vegan leatherette material. Fortunately, despite not being made of real leather, the vegan leather material looks well made. The case is also lined with a with super-soft padded micro-suede, to help keep your Kindle Fire’s display both safe and clean. A two way bungee cord is used to keep the FitFolio case closed.

The WanderFolio for Kindle Fire is very similar to the FitFolio in form-factor and materials. However, it has a special ace up its sleeve because it features 2 card-sized pockets and 2 larger pockets for stashing money, credit cards, etc, essentially transforming the case into a wallet too. This way you can grab your Kindle Fire and just go. The WanderFolio is unfortunately only available In black.

Both the WanderFolio for Kindle Fire and FitFolio for KindleFire are well made cases and smartly designed. They manage to provide ample protection for your Kindle Fire and should protect the device from the daily grind, and that includes bumps, scruffs, and minor drops. Our biggest issue with these cases is that they are a bit on the bulky size, and add a bit of heft to the Kindle Fire. Also, the polycarbonate material used for the cradle makes the case look a bit cheap. That said, these are both solid cases that are super practical and while managing to look pretty sophisticated. It doesn’t hurt either that they are reasonably priced.

The WanderFolio retails for $39.95 while the FitFolio retails for $34.95.

 The Good: Practical designs provide multiple angles for the Kindle Fire, cool color choices for FitFolio, both cases provide plenty of protection and are well made, reasonable pricing

The Bad: Not made of real leather,  cases are a bit on the bulky and heavy side

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