Hello Kitty 3D Case Trumps All Other iPhone 4S Hello Kitty Cases

Hello Kitty smartphone cases are nothing new. That said, most go the themed route, or maybe have a picture or two of some of the characters painted on. Not so with these new cases from iPhoneCases4U. The Hello Kitty Super 3D Series is a giant Hello Kitty hug for your iPhone 4S.

The Hello Kitty Super 3D Series is a set of seven Hello Kitty iPhone 4S cases in different colors. All of them sport a huge, 3D Hello Kitty figure that makes up the entirety of the case. And, despite years of only accessorizing one side of her face, Hello Kitty has made an exception for the mandatory camera hole.

It’s hard to say how much further someone could take the idea of a Hello Kitty iPhone case, but hey, who knows what the future holds? In the present, though, these cases are queens of the iPhone 4S case kingdom. Each case in the series costs £19.94, or about $32.




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