IKEA Uppleva – the First All-in-One TV and Console System

We’ve seen a few companies this year make unexpected leaps into the high-tier tech market (Huawei, for one), but this one manages to come as a surprise. The master of DIY furniture, IKEA, is now selling a television. And believe it or not, it’s no joke – at least, from what we know so far.

Uppleva is first and foremost an IKEA product – that means space efficiency is going to be emphasized. In addition to storage space, IKEA has built in a Blu-Ray/DVD player and a speaker system with a separate wireless subwoofer that can be placed anywhere around the room. Those wires will be hidden within the furniture, making for a cleaner appearance.

Granted, most of the wires coming in or out of your TV probably aren’t for speakers or your Blu-Ray player – hence the storage, which can be increased at purchase. The television itself is not too shabby, either. IKEA wisely decided that there was no point trying to sell a television that couldn’t compete technologically with everything else out on the market. The Uppleva television will be a full HD LED/LCD Smart TV with Wi-Fi capabilities, meaning Internet browsing and integration with your mobile devices is a go. The television is also equipped with two USB ports, four HDMI ports, and A/V ports. Uppleva will come with a remote that controls all of the built-in functionality.

If you don’t like the way Uppleva looks (pictured above), don’t pass on Uppleva just yet. Uppleva will be available in many colors, styles, and sizes when it goes on sale at IKEA stores. The purchase will come with a five-year guarantee, as well.

You might be wondering when IKEA found the time to start and fund a technology arm. They didn’t. The electronics are being handled by Chinese firm TCL Media. They might be little-known around these parts, but TCL is currently the sixth-largest television maker in the world, for what that’s worth.

Uppleva is slated to go on sale in the fall (just in time for college students to go IKEA shopping en masse) for 6,500 Swedish crowns, or about $960. That’s just the base price, though, so adding more storage or extra features will likely beef that number up well past $1,000. Plus, you’ll finally get to find out how hard it is to assemble a television all by yourself! Just kidding. I think.

Via Engadget

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