Do You Own an Apple Thunderbolt Display? Then You Need These 2 Accessories

BEFORE: Typical Apple Thunderbolt Display & MacBook Air set-up

The iMac and the Apple Thunderbolt Display are both amazing products with slick minimalist designs. But with minimalism, comes problems too. Fortunately TwelveSouth has come out with 2 products that can streamline your iMac / Apple Thunderbolt Display set up into something much more refined.

TwelveSouth BackPack 2 Review

So you’re using an iMac or Apple Thunderbolt Display. But where do you stash all your extra peripherals and toys? Underneath my own Apple Thunderbolt Display I have an external hard drive lying around. And on certain occasions, I’ll even have two drives connected, totally destroying the Feng Shui of my neat Apple workspace.

Fortunately, the BackPack 2 Shelf tackles that problem by providing you with a sturdy shelf that can be used at the front or backside of your display’s base. The BackPack 2 Shelf is made to match the Apple Display and iMac to a T. The shelf itself is just the right size to hold a portable drive, a USB peripheral, business cards, an iPhone, a camera, and what not. As a matter of fact, it can hold up to 3.5lbs of peripherals. It can even hold a MacBook Air or Mac Mini. The BackPack 2 Shelf comes with adjustable clips and vertical support pegs that allow it to be placed at any height along the back of the stand. The whole process of setting up the shelf just took a few minutes.

The BackPack 2 Shelf is actually a second generation product. One of its new features is that it can now be used as a front-facing shelf too. Additionally, you can even hang up to two BackPack 2’s at once.

TwelveSouth’s BackPack 2 retails for $34.99.

TwelveSouth BookArc for Air Review

If you’re an iMac user with a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air hooked up to your display, then you know just want I’m talking about. Until now, I have had my MacBook Air resting beneath the display, but between the magsafe connector and the thunderbolt cable, the result is a mess of cables. That is where the BookArc for Air comes in. The BookArc is a vertical stand that not only holds your Air, but it also has a built-in cable manager. The BookArc holds your cables in place, so that not only does it keep your workspace clear of clutter, but it also keeps your cables from falling off your desk each time you unplug them from your MacBook Air.

And unlike some other competing MacBook stands that we have seen on the market, with its aluminum finish, the BookArc for Air is also designed to match the MacBook Air to a T. The device blends in perfectly with your Air and Apple Thunderbolt Display. The BookArc is also designed with a soft, cushiony insert to hold your MacBook Air securely, along with silicone foot pads at the bottom of the BookArc, which are used to hold everything securely in place.

As if we weren’t sold on the BookArc for Air, there is one last benefit to using it – and that is that it can actually help speed up your MacBook Air! TwelveSouth says that the BookArc manages this by keeping your MacBook Air display closed, so that your Mac has more pep in its step, as opposed to when it has to power two displays at once.

The BookArc for Air retails for $39.99. A BookArc is also available for the MacBook Pro.

Wrapping Up

AFTER: TwelveSouth accessories tidy things up

All in all, TwelveSouth has done a great job of creating two clever products that help clean up your desk, while still matching that beautiful Apple aesthetic. Both the BookArc for Air and the BackPack 2 are high quality, well thought out products that are pretty much must-haves for an Apple display owner.

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