BeBeVu Lets Expectant Parents Share Their Ultrasound Video

Expectant moms can now share their fuzzy, black and white images of upcoming bundles of joy with BeBeVu, a video service that helps moms-to-be share their ultrasound videos.

The FDA frowns upon ultrasounds for entertainment purposes, but BeBeVu manages to get around that and keep things safe and healthy for the mother by working with OB-GYN clinics and hospitals to record video of regularly scheduled ultrasounds. Those videos can then be accessed online and shared with others via social media or using a special YouTube channel for BeBeVu.

BeBeVu is still young, so the process of getting more OB-GYN clinics and hospitals on-board is an ongoing process. You can use a tool on the BeBeVu home page to search by zip code to find the nearest center that is partnering with the site to make ultrasound videos available online. Moms-to-be can also use the Snap-a-Photo feature to order high-gloss still prints of their ultrasound. The site suggests that videos and prints alike will be available for purchase, but it’s not immediately clear what the pricing is like.

If you’re interested in using BeBeVu, head over to a partner clinic or hospital, get a scheduled ultrasound, then search for the video using the site by entering your name and patient ID number.