NYPD “Operation ID” in Full Effect on iPhone 5 Launch Day

Unfortunately, an iPhone launch doesn’t just mean that millions of people are going to score new phones. It also means that quite a few of those people are going to get those phones stolen from them on day one.

In New York City, the iPhone 5 launch might be a little different, thanks to the NYPD. The New York Police Department will conduct “Operation ID” at all NYC Apple stores, as well as at some carrier stores. Officers will be on location at all of those stores in order to conduct “Operation ID,” which encourages new iPhone 5 owners to register the phone’s serial number, along with the owner’s name and contact information, with the police. New iPhone 5 owners will also be able to get a special serial number starting with N.Y.C. engraved on their phone, which the NYPD claims will help the department return lost or stolen phones that wind up in the possession of the police.

I’m also guessing that officer presence at every Apple store and several carrier stores will probably deter a lot of those day one thefts. Those concerned about future thefts are free to participate in the program, but it’s completely optional. If you don’t feel comfortable with “Operation ID,” you can just walk out the door and enjoy your new iPhone. Just make sure you take a few looks around every once in a while when you do – the iPhone is a luxury item, and we all know what can happen to luxury items.

Via New York Police Department