Apple Looking to No Longer Depend on Samsung as its Main Chip Supplier

Apple and Samsung aren’t exactly friendly competitors these days. That’s why the fact that Apple relies on chipsets made by Samsung always gets a few laughs from the tech community. From the sounds of it, those days might be coming to a close soon.

As further indication of Apple and Samsung’s increasingly poor relationship, Apple is now shopping around for a new chip manufacturer, as means of decreasing its reliance on one of their fiercest competitors. A report from the Korea Times cited an official high up in Samsung as saying that Apple has informed the company that the A6 chip found in the new iPad and iPhone 5 will be the last one Apple orders from Samsung.

Word is that Apple will be looking to Taiwan, where several high-level microchip manufacturers like Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Silicon Precision Industries, and Kinsus Interconnect Technology will be competing to win Apple’s favor when it comes time to develop and manufacture the A7 chip, which will likely go into next year’s versions of the iPad and iPhone.

Apple had already been moving away from Samsung in regards to their chipsets – the A6 chip was the first designed completely in-house, with only the manufacturing duties outsourced to Samsung. With the A7 chip, it sounds like Apple will be cutting the cord completely. It would be in keeping with the trend of Apple moving away from relying on hostile competition – the dropping of Google Maps and other Google apps and services being other examples.

Via Focus Taiwan