David Blaine Gets Electrified By Ultrabooks, Invites You to Join In

Appropriately enough, David Blaine no longer completely goes by the title of magician anymore. Blaine has a more reliable trick up his sleeve. The “endurance artist” will soon set out to endure yet another challenge, asking people to question the notion and limits, but probably succeeding more in getting people to question why anyone would ever want to do something like Electrified.

Starting on October 5th, David Blaine will spend three days and three nights in a specially made metallic suit and helmet, which will, during that period, conduct one million volts from seven large metallic orbs that will be surrounding him. In true David Blaine fashion, it will be a spectacle – bolts of electricity will fly through the air at the performance site at Pier 54 in New York. Eating, sleeping, and sitting down won’t be in the cards for Blaine for those three days – Blaine was never one to opt for easy mode.

So, where do Ultrabooks come in? Ultrabook stations at Pier 54, the Truman Brewery in London, various locations in Sydney, the Wired Café in the Shibuya district of Tokyo, and the Fisheye Café in Beijing will allow users to control the electricity flowing through the orbs. Those controls will enable people in those cities to create light shows out of the flowing electricity. Don’t live in one of those cities? You can participate online by using #ELECTRIFIED on Twitter, Foursquare, or Instagram, or by watching the live stream on YouTube (or on letv.com, if you live in China).

Get ready to watch David Blaine become a human plasma ball come this Friday. It should be an electrifying weekend.