OnStar App Helps Track Chevy Volt’s Energy Usage

If you’re concerned about gas mileage, it stands to reason that, if you choose to go electric or hybrid, you’re probably going to be concerned about how much charging your car is contributing to your monthly electric bill. That’s why OnStar has developed their latest app, EcoHub.

EcoHub will pull energy use statistics for your home from a centralized source, while collecting vehicle charging data from the OnStar system that will be on every Chevrolet Volt (apparently, for now, the only car this app will work with). The app puts two and two together, calculating what percentage of your overall energy use is going towards charging the Volt, and how much that is costing you on a daily and monthly basis – for reference, the average is $1.50 per day on a full charge. A ticker at the bottom of the app displays total miles driven, total EV miles driven and gallons of fuel saved in aggregate for Volt owners across the nation.

For now, the app is in a very limited beta of sorts – the Pecan Street development project in Austin, Texas, whose participants have already gotten new Volts to play around with, will test out the app before it gets a wider release. The Pecan Street development project is a progressive, energy conscious neighborhood in Austin, and is overseen by the University of Texas and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and Environmental Defense Fund.

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