M-Edge Profile Case for iPad Mini Review

iPad Mini is a thing of beauty; its lightweight design is easily one of the best features. Wouldn’t it be nice to keep it that way while adding some extra protection? M-Edge’s Profile case is virtually as thin and light as you can possibly get while still maintaining a sleek and lightweight form factor, plus it even functions as a multi-angle stand.

Most iPad Mini cases are hard plastic shells fused with folding covers. M-Edge scraps the hard shell. Instead, the Profile is basically iPad Mini sandwiched between two covers no thicker than a piece of cardboard. The inside covers have a tough fiberglass core, lined with soft micro-fiber on the inside and resilient faux-leather on the outside. The inside back cover is able to ingeniously accommodate iPad with ultra-minimalistic, virtually weightless, silicon corner straps.

iPad Mini doesn’t sit in a case, instead it’s tethered to the back cover. For this reason, the only cutout required is for the camera. The other ports and buttons are all easily accessible except the vibrate/volume toggle switch, which is hidden behind the corner strap.

M-Edge has always been pretty crafty about incorporating stands onto their cases. The Profile case folds so that it’s resting on the inside front cover, which includes two microsuction sticky pads to set iPad at multiple angles. You can almost set iPad at any angle between flat and upright, but the stand’s not perfect. You’ll have to play around to get it right, and when you do it works pretty well. With a case this thin, it’s a marvel that there’s a stand at all.

The sticky strips on the inside of the cover are dual-function and also seal the cover to the iPad. While it’s a pretty nifty feature, it’s also kind of weird. It does a good job at keeping the cover closed, but it feels kind of icky always pulling the cover off of iPad’s screen. The cover will also stick to the table and other surfaces. Our only other gripe is how quick the faux-leather material is to show greasy fingerprints.

If you’re looking for minimalistic, there’s not much out there that will offer as much protection and functionality and remain as thin and light as the M-Edge Profile Case. The stand is pretty good, even if the micro-suction seal is a bit weird getting used to. The M-Edge Profile Case for iPad Mini is currently available in Black for $39.99. While it’s definitely a nice case, it’s a bit too pricey. At this price, we’d recommend The Joy Factory SmartSuit Mini, which is a bit thicker and heavier, but has better support and a built-in smart cover.

The Good: Light, Thin, Protective, Built-in Multi-angle Stand
The Bad: Shows Fingerprints, Micro-auction strips were a weird choice, Tough to access vibrate/volume toggle switch, Currently only available in black, No Magnetic Smart Cover.