Knomo iPad Mini Folio Review

Knomo’s iPad Mini Folio case is a somewhat minimilist, yet refined case, that has been designed with a full-grain leather cover and a tough moulded plastic back piece. The Folio case itself is pretty slim and lightweight yet it manages to offer ample protection with its form-fitted rubberized case on its backside.

On the inside of the leather cover, the case displays Knomo’s signature unique ‘If Lost’ ID number. This unique ID can help you reunite you with your iPad Mini, should it ever get lost and get found by a good samaritan. Granted, your best bet to finding a lost iPad is to keep the Find My iPhone feature turned on, but having the ‘If Lost’ ID number inside of the case is almost like having an extra insurance policy for your iPad – and it’s very welcome. The case is also able to position your iPad in an upright position for watching movies, as well as position it at a low angle for typing.

The iPad Mini Folio case is available with a choice of a black, pink or brown leather cover and it retails for $69. This pricing is a bit more than the typical iPad Mini cover, but when you consider that it’s made of high quality materials, it’s pricing isn’t too bad. Furthermore, it doesn’t cost all that much more than Apple’s own smart cover for the iPad Mini which lacks a back cover, and also isn’t made of leather. It’s just a shame that Knomo didn’t include a magnet in its cover.

All in all, we really like the Knomo iPad Mini Folio case and consider it to be one of the nicest iPad Mini cases out there. The case is sophisticated looking, slim, practical, and very well made. Furthermore, Knomo’s inclusion of a unique ‘If Lost’ ID number helps add value to the case and also helps us feel more assured.

The Good: With its back cover – it picks up where Apple’s smart cover left off, it’s made of high quality materials, comes with a unique ‘If Lost’ ID number, offers multiple positions for iPad, back cover does not add too much heft

The Bad: A bit pricey, no magnet in the flap

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