Endliss Smartcase Has LED Display for Texts, Calls, and Notifications

It’s 2013 now, and apparently, one thing that means is that smartphone cases can’t just be passive anymore. They’re going to need to bring their own tech wizardry to the table.

That’s what the Endliss Smartcase, a new case for the iPhone 5, does, thanks to LED lights on the back of the case. Those multi-colored LED lights will flash and arrange themselves in different images as a way of notifying you of an incoming message. The smartcase works with Twitter, Facebook, texts, calls, and emails, so you can get a different LED pattern for each one of those alerts. The 8 x 16 LED light grid syncs up with your iPhone 5 via Bluetooth 4.0, and can also use that pairing to display the time using those LED lights.

You’d think this might be a tough sell, given that it sounds like a case that will put extra strain on the iPhone 5’s already limited battery life. Not so – the Endliss Smartcase is also equipped with a 1500 mAh battery, which powers the lights and manages to give your iPhone 5 a little extra juice in the process. Of course, that also means the case will add a lot of extra bulk to the iPhone 5’s very slim frame. If you like the idea of the Endliss Smartcase, but still want to slim down from time to time, you can slip the battery pack and LED light system off, revealing a plain black protective case underneath.

The Endliss Smartcase is being shown off this week at CES, but no pricing and availability information has been announced yet.



  1. so many people want this, are you fucking serious? please release this, look just make 100, and i promise you they will be sold out, in like 2 months, if you sell for 200 each, that should get you enough to finance the initial investment. if thats not enough, just sell it for 500 and market it to celebrities, thats how tesla got started, come on guys, we want this product soooo bad!!!

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