TwelveSouth BookBook for iPad Mini Review

For iPad 3, TwelveSouth’s BookBook was the ultimate case which we highly recommended to friends and family. Now that it’s available for iPad Mini, we’ve gone hands on for a review. BookBook is quite possibly the best looking, most unique, and even most protective cases out there. It’s disguised as a very realistic vintage leather bound book.

The best part of BookBook is that it only gets better with time. Scratches and scuffs add to its vintage authenticity; you have a case to keep iPad protected, you shouldn’t have to protect the case too. BookBook has a reinforced leather spine which is extremely convincing. The book is sealed by two zippers with leather pulls. When unzipped, it opens like a book revealing iPad Mini on the right.

Since BookBook looks like a novelty case, most people don’t expect it to be so usable, but it has two different stand modes. iPad Mini is held in by a leather holster which is bound on the right and snapped to BookBook on the left. When unsnapped the holster reveals a little stand on the underside. This stand is perfect for setting the Mini in a good typing angle. For a good viewing or FaceTime angle, hold iPad upright and sandwich the cover on its top and bottom sides. When you want to use iPad in-hand, you can fold one cover completely flat behind the other. You can hold it nicely in one hand without actually touching iPad.

The leather jacket frame that iPad sits in has all the necessary cutouts, one for the camera, volume/toggle, lock, charging port, headphone jack, and microphone. The two zippers makes it easy to charge iPad while keeping a zippered seal around it.

One of the reasons BookBook is so protective is that it has reinforced tough covers and a full seal around iPad Mini. The other reason it’s so protective is because it’s very well disguised as a book. You can easily fool a lot of people who would never expect such a believable book cover is actually a case for your iPad.

For iPad 3, the BookBook was basically as thick and heavy as any other protective case; in fact it was even thinner than most cases. For iPad Mini it’s larger, thicker, and slightly heavier than most.


Cases don’t get much better than BookBook, it reeks of high quality awesomeness. It also reeks of genuine leather. Though BookBook for iPad Mini happens to be a bit larger and thicker than other cases, it’s still takes the cake for being the coolest. The TwelveSouth BookBook for iPad Mini is currently available in Vintage Brown, Classic Black, and Vibrant Red for $69.99 on Amazon. It’s definitely on the pricier side, but they’re all handmade and are top-notch quality (I’m not kidding, you can smell its quality). Plus, it will make you look much more sophisticated.

The Good: Looks like a book!, protective, dual-stands, Complete seal around iPad, Authentic leather, Different color options, Looks more vintage over time

The Bad: A bit larger than other cases, Velcro would be better than buttons