Sony NEX-3N is the Tiniest Interchangeable Lens Camera Yet

If you want the best quality camera out there, you’ll still need to lug around one of those massive traditional DSLRs. That might not be true for very much longer, when you look at a camera like the Sony NEX-3N.

Sony just unveiled their newest entry into the NEX series, and it’s the smallest and lightest of all interchangeable lens cameras. It features a 16.1 MP APS HD CMOS sensor, which is able to take in as much as light as a traditional DSLR. The maximum camera sensitivity is put at ISO16000, which should make for great performance even in low-light conditions. The camera is also capable of taking video in 1080p.

You won’t just be getting a body, though – the camera comes with a SELP 1650 motorized zoom lens (16-50 mm), which features an optical zoom lever for easier control. On the back, there’s a 7.5 cm LCD screen that can flip around 180 degrees, in case you actually want to use a DSLR-like camera with a huge lens to take a selfie.

The Sony NEX-3N will be available in black and white, and will hit stores this April with a $500 price tag.