Modko Shake Dog Potty Ditches the Wee-Wee Pad

Modkat_Skate_DogIf your dog leaves some truly unholy messes that you don’t want to touch with a whole roll of paper towels, Modko has a new something that will make sure you never have to get your hands anywhere close to dirty.

The Modko Shake Dog Potty is a thin, flat plate that almost resembles a waffle maker in form. But, instead of a waffle grill, it has a couple of grates with a bunch of holes, suspended over some empty space. The idea is that your dog drops a nasty one on Shake, after which clean up will be a lot more palatable, but not necessarily easier. Instead of just picking the refuse up and tossing it, you would close Shake, fill it up with water using a hole on the top, shake it up, then empty the contents into the toilet. Seems more troublesome than the current method, but it’s a lot better if you happen to be a squeamish dog owner.


One good thing is that this method keeps the interior of Shake clean, so you don’t need to worry as much about keeping your dog’s indoor defecation station clean using your own two hands. It’s also very light and easy to travel with, and has rubber feet so it won’t slide around while your dog is handling business. It’s not made for bigger dogs, but if you have a medium-sized breed or smaller, you should be good to go.


No word yet on how much Shake will cost, but you can expect a release this September.