VTech InnoTab 3 Review: The Indestructible Tablet for Kids

VTech is back with a new version of their popular InnoTab for children, with a new low end price, and tons of activities, the new InnoTab 3 comes equipped with a rotatable camera, a microphone, and video and audio recording capabilities. This tablet serves as a great way to get kids started with tech while also offering them an opportunity to learn.

Set up involves plugging it into your computer via a USB chord that is provided, and following the prompts for installation and registration. Once registered, you can receive one free download of content. Almost all the content is based around well known children’s figures: Dora the Explorer, Disney Princesses, Mickey Mouse and so forth. Included are 4 AA Batteries, so you can start right away out of the package, no charging necessary.


Naturally, kids are able to find their way around with the intuitive navigation system, especially with the directional pad or stylus options. Most instructions are verbalized and easy to follow. A stylus attaches to the top right with a string so it won’t get lost. But if it does there is a replacement one. The tablet is famous for being nearly indestructible. It holds up to falls, smashes, and incidental bumps.

The InnoTab 3’s screen is about the size of an iPhone at 4.3 inches. A rotating 2 megapixel Wonder Cam lets your little one hone skills as a photographer with 55 special effects and photo features. Art Studio offers a variety of tools to create with. There is the typical paint and draw tools along with lots of fun decorative stickers, and after a piece is made it can be saved and shared.



Stories can be read on this in combination with beautiful pictures and animation. There are reading games, that help to improve comprehension. If a word is unfamiliar, you can use the story dictionary to see what it means. It really teaches children to be self sufficient in the learning process.


There are 9 touch screen games that offer a variety of hand eye coordination challenges in a fun way. For example, A Frog’s Life starts out with a simple point to move mechanic, moving a tadpole through a pond. Balloon Catcher is a game where you must put balloons back in the correct order. Monsters University has several free games in it, along with a few buy-to-unlock ones. Some games are voice activated with the built in microphone. VTech’s app store, the Learning Lodge has 350 educational activities and soon will be up to 600. They can be downloaded or bought as cartridges to be inserted into the back of the Innotab 3 for more expansive play. We got to try out Toy Story and Dinosaur Train. How fun!

Other Features

The InnoTab 3 actually has a calendar! You can teach your little ones to keep track of some of their activities on it. Along the same lines it has notes, and a clock. They can also customize their own homepage with a picture. They can keep a friend list. And they can even organize MP3 lists and download material from Vtech.


Overall,VTech’s InnoTab 3 continues to offer an incredible and ideal tablet experience for children, especially considering the price point at $69.99. The durability and ruggedness combined with vast learning opportunities make for a very appealing option. It is easy to use, has many expansion options, and will keep children interested for a long time. Pre-Orders are out now at V-tech.

The Good: Tons of activities, Durable, Easy to Use, Affordable price

The Bad: Runs on Batteries – but there are available rechargeable battery packs accessories, lacks built-in Wi-Fi