This Backpack Keeps Hackers Off Your Back

1024x335_backpack5Don’t want your electronics talking to strangers without your permission? The HackShield line of bags from Das Keyboard takes draconian measures, putting all of your devices into solitary while they’re locked up in your new bag.

The HackShield line, which includes a backpack, a messenger bag, and a wallet, are designed for people worried about others grabbing information from their devices over the air, using homemade RF receivers. It’s not likely to happen to you, but it is possible, so a HackShield bag might not necessarily be a bad investment. After all, you will have peace of mind – the bags fully block all RF signals from entering or leaving the bag.

That means your devices won’t be able to communicate with any data networks while sealed away. So, you won’t receive push notifications that whole time, and, if you have a Windows 8 device, your Live Tiles won’t be kept up-to-date while your computer is asleep. But, if you’re this worried about security, those are probably small prices to pay. The wallet is possibly the more intriguing option, as the use of RF tech to snatch information stored on RFID chips on some credit and debit cards has become somewhat of an emerging problem.

The bags also cover physical security – each compartment is shut up using special fasteners that make it more difficult for thieves to actually open pockets and steal items from your backpack.

The Das Keyboard HackShield messenger bag and backpack are $179 each, while the wallet will become available in late August for $49.

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