iRobot Roomba Gets a Shot of Personality with ColorWare Makeover

roombaWhen ColorWare took their business to a KitchenAid mixer, I mused about whether or not ColorWare was running out of things to splash color on. I believe the answer is no, they are not. Now, you can even get a custom job on everyone’s favorite automated vacuum cleaner, the Roomba.

ColorWare is grabbing brand-new and used Roomba 780s, taking them apart, and making them look that much cooler when they roam around housea picking up dirt. Hey, it’s not a glamorous job, the style points have to come from somewhere.

You’ll have a lot of choice if you choose to get a ColorWare-doused Roomba, too. Eight different parts can be colored individually – the body, the top, the handle, the handle accent, the front ring, the back ring, the bin, and the bin release lever. There are 58 colors to choose from, all of which can be applied to any of the eight parts. That includes 29 solid colors and 29 metallic colors. At the end, you can choose a glossy or matte finish for each component, before putting your order in.

Getting a brand new Roomba 780 from ColorWare will run you about $900. If you send in your own Roomba, the paint job will cost about $250. Either way, you’ll get your swanky new Roomba two weeks after you put your order in.