Fliwer is a High-Tech Doctor For Your Plants


Love gardening, but seem to have the black hand of death when it comes to caring for plants? Well, now you can try out Fliwer, an extensive plant monitoring system that supplies you with all the information you need to keep things green.

This whole system is seriously extensive, by the way. We’ll start with the bread and butter – the Fliwer sensors. You would put the sensor in the soil near your plant, then connect it wirelessly to central hub, Fliwer Link, which we’ll get to later. The sensor itself monitors light, humidity, temperature, water, and level of nitrates and vitamins in the soil. There’s also a solenoid valve, which you can use to water your plants remotely.

The solenoid valve brings us to Fliwer Control. If you have a timed sprinkler system or irrigation system that you use, you can replace it with Fliwer Control. This centralized system uses the Fliwer sensors to monitor your plants, and water them only when they need it, which should probably save you money on your water bill.

Fliwer Link is a hub that takes in everything that the sensors find, and transmits it to your devices via Wi-Fi or 3G. Once you have all of that sensor information, you can check out Fliwer Cloud, an online database of gardening tips and tricks, so you can arm yourself with knowledge of how exactly to care for each of your plants individually. There are also weather forecasts on the Cloud, so you can prepare in advance for potential droughts or storms.

MyFliwer is the dashboard that brings everything together, presenting you with your garden at-a-glance. You’ll have your sensor information, along with recommendations for how to care for your plants. In fact, it’s also your gateway to an entire new social network of gardeners. You can create a profile for your garden, giving it a nickname and uploading pictures and information. You can connect with and send messages to other gardeners, too.

You can expect Fliwer to hit Kickstarter in a couple weeks. When it does, you’ll be able to pre-order a Fliwer Wi-Fi starter kit (one Fliwer sensor and Fliwer Link) will sell for between $280 and $300, although there is a planned early bird special to get all that for $200.

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