Sony VAIO Red Editions are Hot and Luxurious

Sony’s new VAIO notebooks, which already bordered on the luxurious, are getting brand new luxury red edition models across the board.

Like anything else in the expansive series of |red products, the notebooks in question – the VAIO Duo, VAIO Pro, and VAIO Fit – are all getting doused in bright red. To show they’re doing it right, each laptop will receive multiple coats of paint, followed by a glossy UV shield layer to keep that color brilliant for years to come. These laptops will all feature the latest in specs, too – 4th generation Intel core processors, 1080p displays, and solid state drives (the Pro will feature that high-speed PCIe SSD, while the Fit will just have a hybrid SSD/HDD drive, plus a read/write Blu-ray drive). They’ll all come with NFC and a full suite of creative software, too.

These things are coming at quite the premium, though. The hybrid VAIO Duo 13 red edition will be available for $3,000, while the VAIO Pro 13 will go for $2,600. The larger, more inexpensive VAIO Fit 15 red edition will be $2,000. Sony is saying all of those options should be available as of today.