The 10 Apps That Slow Your Phone Down the Most

screenshot_1595Occasionally, just every once in a while, the reason behind your phone being really slow isn’t that ‘this thing sucks.’ Yeah, that’s the case a lot of the time, but sometimes it’s because your phone’s cache is brim full from the sundry apps you’ve been running. And now, we know the biggest offenders.

KS Mobile, who has a vested interest in letting you know about these cache hoggers – they make the cache-cleaning app Clean Master – has put out a list of the ten apps that contribute the most to taking up cache space, based on usage habits from those who have Clean Master installed. And up top is Vine, which can take up 3.2 GB worth of cache space in a single use, which seems like an impossibly high number. But, according to KS Mobile, that’s because the app stores each Vine and the cover photo for each one in your cache, so I can imagine that a minutes-long Vine session can overload your phone pretty easily.

Also in the GB club is SoundCloud, which stores everything that you stream in the cache, which takes up an average of 1.2 GB per use. Slacker is another streaming app that appears in the top ten, coming in at number five. Instagram is a little more responsible with cache storage than Vine, but it still makes an appearance at number eight, with 130 MB stored per use. Social media is also represented by Tumblr (6) and Twitter (9). Google Earth, which would need to cache a lot of data, is number three with 510 MB stored. Rounding out the top ten are Backgrounds and Wallpapers HD (4), Flipboard (7), and iFunny (10).

That’s the United States list. The international list is a little different, with popular chat apps taking up some of the most cache space, with Wechat (2.5 GB), Kakao talk (1.5 GB), and Whatsapp (750 MB) coming in at two, three, and four (Vine is still on top). Flipboard and Instagram also appear on the international list at seven and ten, respectively.

I still can’t believe an app can hog enough cache space to take up a good quarter of a lot of people’s total internal storage space on their phones, but there it is. Just goes to show you that cache cleaning has officially entered into the world of chores you don’t really want to do, but have to do anyway.

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