Smartphone Style Box Collection Lets You Try Before You Buy

CASE-MATE STYLEBOXThe picture just about says it all – four smartphone cases are yours for one week, for free. Try them all out, flash them out in public, and keep the one that gets you the most compliments.

The Case-Mate Style Box is a set of four smartphone cases that you can get either for the iPhone 5/5S or Galaxy S4. Incidentally, those happen to be some of the swankiest cases Case-Mate has to offer, and you can get them all for free – for a time. After seven days, you pick which ones you want, and send the rest back. Shipping is all on Case-Mate, and the more cases you keep, the lower the cost is per case.

All of the sets have a common theme, from luxury to professional to fashion. They’re essentially curated sets of cases from Case-Mate’s already existing stable of phone cases. The good thing is that if you’re a serial case buyer, this is a good way to get a bunch of them for a little cheaper than you normally would. And, you can send back any duds for free. Not a bad deal.

It’s free to receive the cases, keep them for seven days, and send back the ones you don’t want. Keeping the cases will cost between $35 and $150, depending on how many you keep.