Williams-Sonoma Tries Their Hand at Making a Smart Thermometer

img25oWell, Williams-Sonoma isn’t the first to do the smart cooking thermometer, but then again, the smart cooking thermometer is probably only a few years away from being found at Bed, Bath, and Beyond from about a dozen brands for like $20 each, anyway.

The Williams-Sonoma smart thermometer is particularly nice because you can leave it in the oven, as well as use it when you’re grilling. You can leave the separate display unit outside of the oven, leaving the thermometer stuck in the meat to tell you how close it is to being done. The thermometer will be able to predict how much more time your culinary masterpiece needs to be done, based on the temperature. You’ll also be able to select how done you want your meat – from rare to well done.

It wouldn’t be smart unless it had something to do with a smartphone, and this smart thermometer delivers on that front. You’ll be able to monitor the temperature and how much longer until dinner time using an iOS app, as long as you’re within range of a Wi-Fi connection. Also on that app, you can receive alerts on when to start preparing side dishes, based on how much time is left on the main dish.

You can get cooking with the Williams-Sonoma smart thermometer now for $200.

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