Incipio Watson iPad Air Case Review

When choosing a new case, you need to decide on either full coverage or just a shell. The trouble is, sometimes you want the extra protection, while other times you prefer the lightweight shell. Luckily, Incipio has just the right type of case – and it’s their new Watson Folio wallet with removable case.

As a folio case, it is still quite slim. The black, vegan leather cover offers a great feel and the interior has a very smooth microsuede lining that will protect the iPad from any scratches. On the inside of the cover of the folio there are 3 pockets for card slots, and then one large pocket for other documents. There is also and wide elastic strap for keeping it securely closed.

As with many folio cases, the case can also be used as a stand in two secure positions. As for access to buttons and ports, everything is quite accessible. Since this is a 2-in-1 case, if the cover is getting in your way, just take it off! Simply pop out the removable shell and voila – you have a secondary case. The removable shell still offers limited protection, but without the added weight and bulk of the folio.


Incipio’s Watson case for iPad Air offers a brilliant design, and is well built. It also offers a very professional feel and at the same time quite practical. The case is available in 5 colors (Black, Purple, Blue, Pink and Olive) and is offered at the reasonable price of $49.99. This is an especially good value considering that you are really getting two cases.

Buy it!

The Good: Professional looking. Practical design. Two cases in one. Well priced.

The Bad: Weighs down the iPad when wearing both cases.