Classic Disposable BIC Pen Gets a Millennial Upgrade

bicAdapt or die, right? Bic knows the day might come when the pen game runs shallow, so they’re getting themselves in gear by making a 2-in-1 ball pen and stylus. But what’s this? You like the old school Bic pens with the transparent bodies and solid caps? Tough luck, unless you’re in Europe.

For whatever reason, the United States and European versions of the Bic Tech stylus pen look different, with the European version taking the more traditional look. The United States version has a more modern, unibody design all in black. Is this a statement on cultural values in the respective regions, a tribute to the bold experimentalism of the United States versus the traditionalism of the Old World? I don’t know, maybe, I can’t imagine why else they’d be bothered to produce two different kinds of stylus pens and sell them in different places.


Anyway, they’re both relatively cheap, so you could import one or the other if you really wanted to. But for people in the United States, that means you’re going to have to pay the price in pounds, and that’s never fun for your wallet.


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