For $80, Make the Gold iPhone 5S Purple

You see just about everything here at CES 2014, including iPhone 5s with different colored housing. We’re not talking about a sticker or a decal, we’re talking about actual colored iPhones. Instead of gold, silver, and space gray, you could have light blue, blue, bronze, green, purple, or red. While this isn’t necessarily new, we were blown away with how authentic looking these colors are. It was as if Apple Inc. produced these beautiful devices in-house.


With all that said, this upgrade is not for the faint of heart. For $80, a company called Q Wireless Solutions, will send over a colored housing replacement. If you’re skilled (and lucky), then after an hour or two of performing open heart surgery on your iPhone, you’ll have brand new and colorful iPhone housing.


We’ll apologize, we realize this post can be somewhat of a tease, just like it was a tease for us to go hands on with a color we may never own until Apple makes it official. Hopefully this serves as a glimmer of hope that iPhone colors are a real thing. It can be done! If you want it bad enough you can make it a reality. You could even buy the $80 housing and bring it to a repair shop for them to perform the upgrade.


Needless to say, any sort of color operation on your iPhone will void the warranty. We wish you the best of luck should you choose to take the risk. The color iPhone options from Q Wireless Solutions seems to be for iPhone 5, not 5S, but a quick Google or eBay search for “color iPhone rear housing” should yield some results. Don’t forget you’ll need some tools too!


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