The Simpsons LEGO Set is Pretty Much Irresistible

The LEGO set you never knew you wanted (until right now) is here. Well, almost here. Come February, you’ll be able to get The Simpsons in LEGO form, from the pink car to the couch to Marge’s hair.

LEGO has come to an agreement with Twentieth Century Fox to create a LEGO model of the Simpsons’ house. And, like a proper large-scale LEGO set, the house has hinges, so you can open it and see inside once you’ve built it up. There’s also minifigures of the whole family, including appropriate facial expressions, with Bart looking suspicious and Lisa looking exasperated. Ned’s there with his barbecue, too. Not his house, though. What more must Ned lose?

The Simpsons LEGO set is part of the 25th anniversary celebration for The Simpsons that will continue into 2014. After the February release of this set, we’ll get 16 other minifigures, plus a LEGO episode, sometime in May. No word on when the LEGO pink donut and Duff pack is coming, unfortunately. We can only hope that Duffman is one of the May minifigures, or there’s going to be crushing disappointment.

550_Simpsons House Back

550_The Simpsons family house550_Simpsons family and Ned

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