5 iPhone 6 Rumors Worth Talking About

iphone 6
Photo Credit: Adr Studio

As always, it’s never too early to talk about the next iPhone. The iPhone 5S came out, I don’t know, last week or something, but it doesn’t matter, because we’re all about the future here. And, the future might just hold some pretty interesting things for the increasingly static iPhone. Here are five rumors swirling around the device that suggest that the next iPhone announcement – anywhere between June and September – will be a little more exciting than the last couple.

Multiple Sizes

At long last, it sounds like Apple might be busting out of the 4” realm, making it into the Note-like world of 5”+ phones. A brand new South China Morning Post report suggests that, in addition to the familiar 4.7” phone, the iPhone 6 will also come in a 5.5” model. Why? Well, the report suggests that the iPhone 5C hasn’t exactly been a hot seller, while physically larger Samsung Galaxy phones have been selling in droves – Apple might be reacting to the field, for a change.

Bezel-free Display

We’ll move over to the Korea Herald, where a report earlier this week surfaced about both the iPhone 6 and the Galaxy S5 having edge-to-edge, bezel-free display on the horizontal axis. If true, that would make both phones look pretty similar. There’s also another bonus rumor here – the extended displays might also have fingerprint scanning technology baked right into the touchscreen.

Sapphire Crystal Screen

This one comes partly from a 9to5Mac report about Apple acquiring furnaces and factories in Arizona capable of producing crystal sapphire components in mass numbers. So, what’s the deal with crystal sapphire? It’s tough. Really tough. Tougher than the Corning Gorilla Glass that’s been found in most smartphone displays as of late. And, yes, probably strong enough to survive all your staircase drops. The era of the cracked screen may be coming to a close.


Why is the oft, oft, oft rumored iWatch here? Well, new rumors are saying, much like the Galaxy Gear, that the iWatch will be sold as a companion device for the iPhone. There’s some talk of fitness and health features, and a 1.5”-2” screen, but Apple themselves have been mostly silent on the matter. But, we can dream, and some reports have dreamed up quite a bit.

iOS 8

Last but not least, we have the thing that makes the iPhone tick. It wouldn’t be too surprising to see an early update to iOS 7 – given how big of a design change iOS 7 entailed, there are probably many in Cupertino who would like to get in a few tweaks and changes to refine it. A TechRadar report suggests that some of those tweaks could include improvements to Apple Maps and Healthbook, a new app that could potentially work with any fitness capabilities built into the elusive iWatch.