Long Live the Brick, the LEGO Power Brick That is


Want to know how awesome LEGO is? When someone makes a LEGO external battery pack, it’s not just a quirky gimmick, it’s legitimately one of the best battery packs money can buy. Long live the brick.

The battery part is standard – the COI+ LEGO Power Brick houses a 4,200 mAh battery and has Micro USB and USB output. That’s pretty good, but nothing to get excited about. The great part is that the surface of the battery pack is a LEGO faceplate. I’m sure you have tons of bricks home that you can add on, but in case you somehow don’t (sad), the Power Brick comes with a few extra. Regardless, with a little creativity, you can build a battery pack that doubles as the best smartphone stand ever – completely customizable, so you can build to get the angle just right.


The LEGO Power Brick comes in blue, red, yellow, or white. It costs $56, it ships in March, and if you need an extra boost of battery life for your smartphone or tablet, you should absolutely get it. It is, like all things LEGO, awesome.


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