The Holy Grail of the Slinky World is Here, The 14K Gold Slinky

Gold-SlinkyDid you forget about the Slinky? Boy, I hope you didn’t, because it’s coming back with authority. Just try not to cry when you get the inevitable kink in this one.

Everyone loves a Slinky, this is known. So, everyone should be head over heels for the 14-karat gold Slinky. It also comes in a clear acrylic display case, which you’ll have to constantly resist the urge to open. Otherwise, you’re just playing a dangerous game. The golden Slinky down the staircase in the office might be a hit for a time, but you know there’s going to come a day when the dreaded kink hits.

If you’re ready to take the gamble, or if you just want to show off your shiny new gold Slinky for all to see, it’ll cost you $125 from Alex Toys.