Life-Size Super Mario Kart is Ready to Burn Rubber

Super Mario KartNintendo doesn’t license out their name or properties all that often, but we’re glad they did for this – a real-life version of Mario Kart that is ready to hit the road. Red shells not included, regrettably.

Jakks Pacific is behind the Super Mario Kart Ride-On Vehicle, which kids can actually drive around. I’m pretty sure that makes this the Lamborghini of the world of kiddie vehicles. The kart is rechargeable, and can hold up to 70 pounds. There are even off- and on-road tires that you can switch between, which makes this even better than an in-game Mario Kart vehicle! Because I’m sure there are no shortage of Mario Kart players out there who would love to slap some off-road tires on their karts, especially on those snow courses.

The sounds are all there, too! There’s a horn, and a full array of Mario Kart 7 sound effects. So, no, maybe there is no real-life Starman, but at least you can get the sweet power-up music going while you’re cruising around. Don’t think it’ll knock traffic out of the way, though.

The real-life Mario Kart can speed into your kid’s garage for $200.

Update 2/23/2014: It looks like it has popped up on Amazon for a whopping $299! 

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