Anyone Need a Bulletproof iPhone 5s Glass Protector?


It’s a common fear – someone taking your beloved mobile device out back and putting a bullet through it. Well, sleep soundly – Sir Lancelot’s riding out of the medieval era to save the day once again.

Sir Lancelot’s Armor is releasing The Holy Grail (I guess he yoinked it from Sir Galahad at some point during the last 1,000 years), a new line of screen protectors made from tempered bulletproof glass. Jokes aside, these are going to be the bottom line in screen protectors. You can easily take them on and off, they’re bubble-proof during application, they work with cases and external battery packs, and they’re going to prevent a lot more than bullet holes.

On the Mohs scale of hardness, The Holy Grail is rated at 9 – for reference, a diamond is rated at 10. So, it’s hard. To say it’s scratch-proof probably isn’t going far enough – Sir Lancelot’s Armor has demonstrated that you can take hammers, drills, razors, keys, knives, and saws to their screen protectors, which come out clean. If you buy a phone knowing that you’re going to have a horribly cracked display within a few months, here’s your knight in shining armor.

You can buy The Holy Grail from Amazon or directly from Sir Lancelot’s Armor now. Depending on the device, the screen protectors will cost anywhere between $31 and $55 each.