Notchbook iPad Air Case Review

There hasn’t been much new in the way of iPad cases in a while. That is until now. Check out the new Notchbook case from Chil.

What makes it different? They’ve added a ‘notch’ or flap in the case to make it easier to hold. Sometimes you need to open your case to use your iPad, but you may not want to fold the cover all the way around to the back and it can be awkward to hold the iPad in this way. Personally, this is a design issue that has always annoyed me with most cases.

The Notchbook fixes that problem. Now you simply open the cover and slide your hand through the opening in the spine. It works great and is much easier to hold this way.

The amazing thing is that they have managed to design this case in such a way that the flap is not noticeable when closed. Instead it is held fast by a magnetic closure and it blends seamlessly into the beautiful leather exterior.

The inside of the case is covered in micro-suede. And the iPad is held in place by four leather straps, the top two being attached to elastic to make inserting and removal easy. These hold the iPad just fine, though it would have looked better with a plastic snap-in shell. The straps take away from clean, sophisticated look of the case.

Like many folio cases, the Notchbook also doubles as a stand with several viewing angles. It will also swivel allowing you to view the iPad in portrait or landscape. The cover also includes magnetic auto wake/sleep when opening or closing.


The Notchbook case is definitely one of the most robust and well thought out cases yet for the iPad Air. It comes in 5 colors (Black, Red, Purple, Teal and Tan). Chil offers a lifetime warranty too. And the price is very reasonable too for just $39.99 with free shipping.

The Good: Innovative design. Well made.

The Bad: The leather straps that hold the iPad could be better.