Sealed with a Kiss, Kim Kardashian Sets Instagram Record with Most Liked Picture

Kim Kardashian

We have a new leader in the Instagram clubhouse. The United States equivalent of a royal wedding went down in Florence last week, with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian tying the knot, as pictured above. That picture is the new champion of Instagram, garnering the most likes of any Instagram upload ever.

The newlyweds knocked a maybe not quite as romantic picture of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez out of the top spot, so if you’re part of the anti-Bieber brigade, go ahead and pop that bottle of champagne you’ve had on ice for the last five months. The new number of likes to beat, which is surely still growing, is 192 million. Obviously, Instagram liking is a worldwide affair, but just for reference, the population of the United States is 313.9 million. 192 million is an incredible number of likes.

The couple is said to be honeymooning in Ballyhoura, Ireland. A good friend here in Dublin strongly questions the decision making process, as Ballyhoura is apparently ‘not even the most beautiful place in west Ireland.’ But hey, I can tell you there aren’t very many people in Ballyhoura, and Ireland is renowned for its general indifference to the presence of celebrities, so to be fair, that sounds like a pretty ideal honeymoon spot for those two.