Bagged Beer Anyone?

Bagged beer? Bagged beer. If wine can do it, I don’t see why beer can’t. Finally, beer lovers from Los Angeles to New York City and everywhere in between can enjoy the convenience of bagged beer just like their wine-loving counterparts.

Behold the winner of the Platinum A’ Design Award in the A’ Design International Packaging Design Competition, which are all things I just learned exist. Say what you will about the looks, one thing’s for sure – this is going to be the easiest possible case of beer to carry from point A to point B. The winning designer is named Wonchan Lee, who used beer from Leuven, Belgium – hey, it’s Belgian beer, that’s a good start – and put it in plastic bags within a lightweight frame. The frame is held together with velcro (yeah, velcro), and carries bags of beer that took inspiration from ice bags.



The main thrust here was differentiation – which, yeah, mission accomplished there. That’s definitely going to stand out in the booze section of the 7-11, I’ll tell you that. But the real prize is how cheap all the packaging is.


In fact, the whole thing screams cheap, which is awesome – because this idea probably would make the beer in question cheaper, which is a win in my book. And, because the bags look like blood donation bags, you can make transfusion jokes when you go out and buy beer for the night. Good times all around.

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