Finally! A Remote Desktop for iPhone that Makes Sense

For anyone looking to access their desktop on the go, Parallels just opened up availability of their Access app to a few new platforms. The app is now available for Android phones and tablets and the iPhone – it was previously only available for the iPad. Parallels Access lets you access your desktop – PC or Mac – along with all the files you have stored on your computer back home. The app makes your desktop touch-friendly, turning programs into apps-within-apps that you can interact with.

Parallels Access has also added a few new features, including support for Facebook login. On Android devices, you can actually launch desktop applications remotely right from the home screen. iOS users will get a brand new file browser, and any desktop program that uses audio input can now be used remotely with your iOS device’s microphone. And, since the app is now up and running for both smartphones and tablets, you’ll have the option to adjust screen resolution to best fit whatever device you’re using.

Parallels Access is subscription-based, and costs £14 for one year or £25 for two years, which comes out to about $24 and $42. If you sign up before June 30, you can get two years for £21 (about $36). That subscription will get you remote access to five computers per account, regardless of how many mobile devices you use. For businesses, there’s a special edition of Parallels Access that comes with more controls for the IT staff, and costs £34 per year (about $58). For regular users, there’s a two week free trial – users of the business edition can use Parallels Access for free until July 31.