Release Your World Cup Tension with Bubble Soccer

The World Cup is going to wrap up this weekend, and so, with apologies to baseball, the spectator sport wasteland that is summer will begin proper. We need a new sports obsession. BubbleBall is delivering Bubble Soccer to the hungry masses.

Over in parts of Europe and Australia, people have been hopping into bubbles and playing soccer while running into each other as hard as possible, with follies ensuing. The bubbles are huge hamster balls that go around your entire upper body, providing ample padding. Ample padding allows you to run at full speed toward another human being without the word concussion entering the conversation. This is a good thing.

ylR4PfUThe rules are about as fluid as you would expect from a sport that involves life-sized hamster balls. From what I can see, the only rule is that you need to run and jump at the nearest person to you. I’m pretty sure you could have an incredible game of Bubble Soccer without anyone ever kicking the soccer ball on the pitch.

BubbleBall is the company bringing this magnificent sport stateside, starting with New York. You can sign up now to join in on games starting at Chelsea Piers on July 12. BubbleBall is rolling out distribution centers in the United States, so pretty soon you’ll be able to rent or buy your own five-on-five sets of Bubble Soccer gear.

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