Hex Focus Leather Case for iPhone 6 Review

“Way cool,” as Hex describes their latest leather iPhone 6 case, the Focus. The Hex Focus case is wrapped in premium authentic leather and comes in a few fun color schemes, including camouflage green with a yellow accent. We have to hand it to Hex, way cool is right.

The Hex Focus case isn’t the thinnest case out there, but it’s close. It does an exceptional job of showing off iPhone’s sleekness. It’s on the light side too. The Focus case is a snap-on case that has a soft microfiber interior and a solid grip on iPhone. It covers all of iPhone’s corners, but iPhone’s face is just barely exceeded by the case. It’s really nice if you want to see iPhone’s sexy curved glass edges–it looks very premium. The face protection is not good if you like laying your phone face down or are prone to dropping phones.

The design of Focus is relatively minimalistic. All of iPhones ports and buttons are left exposed for easy access. There’s no little cutouts to dig through to access the volume buttons or lock button. All of your headphone cables will work. And, even better, there’s a good chance that iPhone will fit in a charging or speaker dock with this case on.

The simplicity and form of Focus is nice, but it’s the leather design that has us in love with it. The leather looks and feels rich and authentic. It is fantastic to grip too. There’s a secondary leather accent stitched to the bottom of the case for some extra flair. On our brown model, it’s an orange accent that keeps it looking fresh. There’s also a Hex label stitched on, which there will be mixed feelings about. It didn’t take long for the leather to scratch and display its wear. Don’t fret, it’s supposed to wear, so embrace the distress! Cases like this get better over time.

If you’re looking for a case that adds some protection without hiding iPhone’s sleek design and rounded glass face, Hex’s Focus case is a superb option. If you’re accident prone, Hex also makes a version of this case with a front cover, the Focus Wallet. The Hex Focus for iPhone 6 currently comes in four flavors: camo leather with a yellow accent, brown leather with an orange accent, black on black, and black leather with a brown accent. The Hex Focus case for iPhone 6 is currently available for $39.95 from ShopHex.com or Amazon.com.

The Good: Thin, Light, Great access to ports and buttons, Designed to wear and stress, Neat colors, Grippy
The Bad: Not much front protection for iPhone, Pricey