Powerslayer Is an Apple HomeKit-Enabled Smart Charger

Yeah, somehow, Powerslayer is not the name of a metal band. I checked. I don’t know how that didn’t happen. Instead, Powerslayer is something far less metal—one of the first Apple HomeKit-enabled smart home devices, in the form of a smart charger.

The Powerslayer Blu is a box that houses a microprocessor that can detect when your device has been fully charged and shut off the flow of power from the outlet it’s plugged into, cutting down on energy waste and, at least to some extent, your electricity bill. You also get the added benefit of better battery health over time—habitual overcharging contributes to gradual decline of max battery life. The box also has a temperature sensor that protects itself from overheating, shutting down if things get too hot. On the outside of the box, an LED light will shine orange during charging, green when a device is fully charged, and will shut off when power stops flowing to the device.

Otherwise, it’s a standard charger when combined with a Lightning or Micro-USB cable. HomeKit integration uses a Bluetooth connection to an iOS device, and, using an app, allows users to monitor the charging process of their device, with options for quick charging or more eco-friendly and efficient charging.

The Velvetwire Powerslayer Blu will be available this winter for $89. No word on customization options to get metal horns on the box, unfortunately.