Wocket, The Smart Wallet with Secure Biometric Entry

The Wocket is a standalone smart wallet that catalogs all your credit cards and loyalty cards without having to carry any of those physical items. This all works off of biometric voice approval, and is not connected to the internet.

This works everywhere your physical cards would because there is just one card, the Wocket card, that you can program to be any card you want, then remove and use just as you would the actual physical card. Alternatively, there is a bar code that can be programmed and scanned. It can store up to 10,000 cards so even the most uncontrollable shopaholic is covered. The biometric security protocol is the main protection, and does not rely on internet connections and passwords. It is all stored on Wocket’s chip that they claim to be tamper proof.

Aesthetically speaking, the Wocket is about the size of a normal men’s wallet, with a rudimentary tech design reminiscent of early ’90’s beeper designs and a seemingly simple black and white LCD touchscreen. It’s not pretty but it is functional. Wocket is not yet available, but you can check out WocketWallet for future updates.