It’s a Miracle – Barbie Can Finally Wear Flat Shoes!

At long last, in the year 2015, Barbie can finally get a little more comfortable. Barbie’s career this year is film director, and she’s heading onto the set in a pair of black flats instead of her heels. Sounds like she won’t be sitting in that director’s chair much.

Of course, she’ll still come with heels, along with your standard jeans-sweater-scarf combo. Barbie’s playing it pretty straight with this outfit, and that’s great, because everyone can hopefully pay more attention to her just being an awesome filmmaker. I guess she’s tired of starring in her own shorts, which is fair enough. Seems like all the stars get to that stage of their career at one point or another.


More important than the clothes are Barbie’s tools of the trade, which include a viewfinder and a utility belt. She also has a pair of sunglasses, because hey, you have to figure she’s in Hollywood if she’s getting into directing. Sunglasses are a prerequisite.

The Career of the Year Barbie Film Director Doll will be out in June of this year for $13. No word on when we’ll be seeing her Sundance debut.