Speck CandyShell Grip for iPhone 6 Plus Review

templatesThe large size of the iPhone 6 Plus makes it an awesome phone, but it also makes it rather hard to hold. You definitely want a case, but the problem is that many cases make this slim phone too bulky. So, check out the slim, easy-to-hold Speck CandyShell Grip case.

For starters, we love this case! It does exactly what it says, it grips. The raised rubber ridges make it very easy to hold in just about any orientation, even with small hands. It’s easy to pop the phone in and out, although it definitely won’t come out on its own during use. Despite the rubber ridges, it slides easily in and out of your pocket.


Of course it protects the phone if it should fall. Speck has a reputation for building solid cases, and this is no exception. With its dual-layer design and the corner bumpers, you’d have to try really hard to hurt your phone while it’s protected by the Grip case. And did we mention that it’s still super light considering the amount of protection you are getting?

The volume and power buttons are covered and they work very well. All the cutaways for the mute button, camera and other ports are all sufficiently large so there will be no difficulty in accessing them.



As we mentioned, we love this case and highly recommend it. It comes in six beautiful color combinations (black/grey, white/black, blue/blue, pink/blue, white/blue and black/blue) and comes with a one-year warranty and free shipping for $40. Go pick a color and order one now!

The Good: Lightweight, easy to grip

Bad: Nothing