Father’s Day Gift Guide + Win the Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 Smartphone!

Because the gift of unconditional acceptance of the dadbod takes about as much effort to give as maintenance of the dadbod itself, you’ll need to do a little better come June 21. Fortunately, you might not need to put in all that much effort after all—we’re giving away the Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3, one of our favorite smartphones to come out of MWC this year. Dad can use it to order more pizzas, the dadbod will be preserved, and the circle will be squared. If that doesn’t make for a happy Father’s Day for all involved, I don’t know what would.

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But, as with most competitions of import, there can only be one winner of the big prize. Everyone else is going to have to put feet to pavement (or finger to mouse to Amazon) to find the perfect gift to fit the dad lifestyle. Don’t worry, we’re here to help with that, too.


Sena Ultra Thin Snap-On iPhone 6 Plus Case


Speaking of weight issues, we can say with some certainty that the iPhone 6 Plus doesn’t have any. It’s crazy thin, and this Sena case won’t add much weight or thickness—it will add a nice genuine leather back to dad’s phone, though.

Black & Decker Matrix 20V Max Lithium 6-Tool Combo Kit with Storage Case


Tools! For the right dad, you can never go wrong with tools. This set of cordless tools includes a drill, a jig saw, and a sander, along with an assortment of attachments. Perfect for DIY projects—preferably the ones dad is actually looking forward to.

Incipio OffGrid Shine iPhone 6 Backup Battery Case


The 3,000 mAh battery and hardened exterior on this case should ensure the iPhone 6 can survive a whole day of dad use.

Belkin PowerHouse Charging Dock Duo


For the consummate Apple dad, this charging dock can charge two Lightning devices lightning fast thanks to dual 2.4-amp/12-watt charging ports.

Knomo Troon Canvas Messenger Bag


For the mobile dad, this messenger bag is outfitted with slots for a 13″ laptop, a tablet, a smartphone, pens and pencils, pads of paper, and pretty much whatever else dad needs to get work done on the road, all inside a terrific canvas twill fabric exterior.

Fone Salesman WoodPuck Wireless Charger


This bamboo slab hides a wireless charging pad that works with Qi-enabled smartphones and accessories. Looks great, just make sure dad knows it’s not a cutting board.

Red Diamond Wine


As always, no gift guide of ours is complete without wine. This time, you can look to Red Diamond, a winery out of Washington State with a locally produced Merlot, Shiraz, and Chardonnay, all for just $10 per bottle.

Bose QuietComfort 25 Headphones


If you know dad gets jealous when he sees all the other businessdads on the airplane with QuietComfort 25 headphones, these will finally make him feel like he belongs.

Citizen Mesh Chronograph


Sorry smartwatches, when it comes to gifts, we’re still going with the classics—this Citizen watch is sleek, water resistant, and completely solar powered, making it our timepiece pick for dad this year.

Hedgren Brook Business Bag


Another pick for the business dad, this cavernous bag can fit all the tools of the trade and can be carried around however dad wants—across the body, as a backpack, or as a briefcase.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge


The Galaxy S6 Edge is undeniably one of the most highly coveted phones of 2015 – and for good reason. It’s sporting a unique curved edge display that offers beautiful vivid colors. Plus, it also has support for wireless charging. It’s available now from all 4 major carriers.


  1. Thank you for this post my fav gift for my Baba would be Black & Decker Matrix 20V Max Lithium 6-Tool Combo Kit with Storage Case because he works in concrete and I know he would appreciate it! But I myself would love the Fone Salesman WoodPuck Wireless Charger lol

  2. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, not only is it a beast from a specs stand point, but its just down right sexy as can be!

  3. The citizen watch is my favorite. My dad loves watches, but needs a good quality one!

  4. the most ideal gift would be the Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 Smartphone but from the list it would the Black & Decker Matrix 20V Max Lithium 6-Tool Combo Kit with Storage Case

  5. I think the only one of these that my dad would appreciate would be the Galaxy S6 Edge. I would too!

  6. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is my favorite Father’s Day gift. my Dad seriously needs to upgrade his dinosaur phone ..he would be blown away by this phone !!

  7. I really love the Bose Quiet Comfort 25 Headphones and my would like them I’m sure!

  8. Dads kinda old fashioned and not much into tech, but he would sure enjoy the Black & Decker Matrix 20V Max Lithium 6-Tool Combo Kit. Me too for that matter.

  9. My dad would love the Bose QuietComfort 25 Headphones and I would love the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

  10. I would pick the headphones because they are designed for comfort and they are Bose so you know they are amazing sounding!

  11. They are all great items but the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and the Bose Headphones are my favorite Father’s Day gifts.

  12. The Bose would be best b/c it’ll allow dad to catch a break from all the noise and commotion.

  13. Black & Decker Matrix 20V Max Lithium 6-Tool Combo Kit with Storage Case that would be nice for dad beacuse he loves being the handy man of the family!

  14. My favorite father’s day gift idea from this guide is the Bose QuietComfort 25 Headphones, my dad loves to use his tablet to watch movies, and use his headphones, so he would love a pair of Bose ones.

  15. The Hedgren Brook Business Bag would be a safe bet for Dad. Always struggle with gifts for the guys but know functional is always appreciated.

  16. Black & Decker Matrix 20V Max Lithium 6-Tool Combo Kit with Storage Case will fit my dad

  17. I’m going with the tools the lithiums are amazing and i would also like the bose and the watch ! thanks

  18. I would love to give this for my great father
    Black & Decker Matrix 20V Max Lithium 6-Tool Combo Kit with Storage Case

  19. Given my dad is a tool nut the best gift here would definitely be the lithium black and decker set. You can never have too many power tools!

  20. This is AMAZING! Thank you for the chance! I would have to say the Citizen watch is my favorite. My dad would say his favorite is the tools. Thank you again for the chance!

  21. Black & Decker Matrix 20V Max Lithium 6-Tool Combo Kit with Storage Case would be a good gift to my dad

  22. all the gifts on this list are awesome. I think i would have to go with the tools or the
    Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

  23. The tool set. I am A hands on type of person and tools are always a great gift.

  24. My favorite gift for my dad is the

    Bose QuietComfort 25 Headphones because he loves listening to music and can zone out with no distractions.

  25. Favorite gift for dad would have to be the Galaxy S6! He needs to step up his mobile phone game!

  26. A good smartphone would be a best gift for him because he never even used a touchscreen phone.

  27. I love the Black & Decker Tool Set. Black & Decker are long lasting and reliable. He could use this to teach his son how to work on items and spend quality time! Thank you, Mary

  28. The Citizen Mesh Chronograph, my dad lost his watch traveling years ago and never replaced it.

  29. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge would be the bestest father’s day gift for my daddy. Being an IT and tech support, he sure needs a lot of help from a good ol’ pal, Samsung. Gonna replace his old phone, wouldn’t that be nice.

  30. My fav gift is the Samsung Galazy 6 Edge its perfect for my husband! ty for the chance

  31. Black & Decker Matrix 20V Max Lithium 6-Tool Combo Kit with Storage Case is my fovorite gift for Fathers Day my husband loves tools and tech
    ellen beck on form

  32. The Idol 3 and Samsung S6 Edge phones look awesome, but I also like the look of that canvas messenger bag. It just looks so appealing.

  33. I Like The Black & Decker Matrix 20V Max Lithium 6-Tool Combo Kit with Storage Case, It Would Make A Great Gift For My Dad!

  34. I like the Black & Decker Matrix 20V Max Lithium 6-Tool Combo Kit with Storage Case