Latest HP Pavilion All-in-One Will Come with Edge-to-Edge Display

After announcing a new line of 2-in-1 devices not too long ago, HP is rounding out their mid-year product lineup with some not-so-mobile machines, including a new all-in-one PC and some high-powered tower PCs that can be paired with a new 4k monitor.

The new HP Pavilion All-in-One will come in 21.5″, 23″ and 27″ models, all of which will come with edge-to-edge flush glass 1080p IPS displays. You have your pick of a range of AMD and Intel processors, all the way up to fifth generation Intel Core i3, i5 or i7. You can stick with the integrated graphics on any of those chipsets or add a discrete AMD Radeon R7 A330 or A360 graphics processor. Ports include HDMI out, two USB 3.0, four USB 2.0, ethernet, and a 3-in-1 card reader. Like HP’s new x360 2-in-1s, the Pavilion All-in-Ones will also feature audio processed by Bang & Olufsen. You’ll be able to get as much as 3 TB of internal storage.

HP Pavilion Desktops_4 New Colors

The HP Spectre Studio Display is a 32″ 4k monitor with a 178-degree viewing angle and upscaling technology for sub-4k content. There are plenty of inputs here, with HDMI 2.0, HDMI 1.4 with MHL, DisplayPort, and a USB port. You can make use of two of those at once thanks to picture-in-picture technology. And, while the Bang & Olufsen partnership won’t be put to work here, audio should still be good enough thanks to a 6-watt system including two front-facing speakers and two passive radiators in the back.

And, if there’s a new monitor, you can bet there are new tower desktops to go with it. HP has new Pavilion Towers, Envy Towers, and the high-end Envy Phoenix Tower. Those towers scale up from Intel’s notebook-friendly line of fifth generation Core i processors to an Intel K-series processor with as powerful as an NVIDIA GTX 980 discrete graphics processor on the Envy Phoenix Tower, which is meant for gaming or intense media editing.

The Spectre Studio Display will be the first to become available, coming to HP’s online store on May 24 for $1,000. While there was no mention of the 27″ model, the 21.5″ and 23″ Pavilion All-in-Ones will become available online and in stores on June 28 starting at $650 and $700, respectively. All of the new desktops will become available online on June 10 starting at $450 for the Pavilion, $700 for the Envy, and $900 for the Envy Phoenix. The Pavilion desktop will also show up in stores on June 26.