Mophie Spacestation is the Smartest Battery Pack – Review

chipchickpick1A little over a year ago, Mophie announced at CES that they developed an iPhone case that could add storage to your phone. Jaws dropped. Mophie released their Space Pack case a few months later, adding battery and storage to any iPhone 5. It was great, but not for everyone. Now, Mophie is back at it with an even more practical device: the Spacestation. Spacestation is a stand-alone accessory that will add storage to any iOS or Android phone and tablet, and share files between all of them. Even better, Spacestation packs an impressive 6000mAh battery that will charge nearly any USB device and nearly triple your phone’s battery.

Spacestation has classic Mophie style. It’s clean and modern with a sophisticated high-tech look. It’s a pocket-sized device a little wider than a credit card and less than an inch thick. It has a simple design: one button, one micro-USB port, and one USB port. There’s four discreet LEDs that indicate battery power remaining when you tap the button. The full sized USB port is for charging any of your USB devices. The micro-USB port is for charging Spacestation and/or syncing with a computer. It comes with a micro-USB cable.

The Spacestation is a beautiful device, and not just physically. In a lot of ways, it’s the ultimate accessory. These days, there’s nothing worse than a dead phone. That’s why I don’t go anywhere without a portable battery pack. I’m not a big fan of battery cases: I don’t prefer the bulkiness, and I usually have other devices that need charging too. A battery pack, like Spacestation, will charge virtually any phone and any USB device. It can charge bluetooth headphones, tablets, portable modems/hotspots, even your smart watch and wearables. Similarly, I don’t go anywhere without a USB drive. Storing stuff in the cloud is great, but it’s not as convenient and reliable as storing it locally on a flash drive. Again, Spacestation comes to the rescue. Apple devices are notorious for not playing nicely with external storage, but Mophie figured it out.

As a portable battery charger, Spacestation works exactly how you’d imagine. You plug any USB cable in and your device charges. Voilà! It charges iPhone just as quickly as the wall charger. With 2.4A of energy output, it should also charge tablets just as quickly as the wall charger. 6000mAh will at least double most any smart phone’s battery. It could easily get a regular user through a full weekend.

As external storage, Spacestation also works exactly how you’d imagine, for computers at least. If you plug Spacestation into a Mac or Windows computer, it will appear as just a regular flash drive (it will even charge Spacestation at the same time!). There’s no limit to what you can do with your available storage. On an Android or iOS device, it’s a little different, but almost as easy. It just requires Mophie’s Space app first. Space app is pretty good at organizing your media and giving you a lot of options (i.e. saving, renaming, sharing, deleting). The app has a “local storage” folder where you can move any file from the Spacestation to your device, even if it’s not a format you can use on your phone/tablet. You can also back up photos from your phone/tablet and there’s an iCloud integration as well.

Other than syncing files and backing up photos, Spacestation is a really easy way to watch videos and play media on your phone or tablet. There’s virtually no delay; it’s just like having the video stored directly on your phone. It’s great if you’re running out of space on your phone/tablet, but also it’s a very easy way to get media onto your phone/tablet without going through the hassle of syncing.


All-in-all, we’re really happy with the Spacestation. Other than maybe a few usability improvements in the app’s user interface, there’s no real gripes we have with the device. It’s the ideal accessory to leave in your bag or backpack. The only other thing that could possibly make it better is an integrated lightning cable and micro-USB cable. In any case, Spacestation is a really well-engineered device that could easily last years. Impressively, Mophie makes Spacestations that can fit 128GB of storage. Currently, Spacestation is only available in black. It starts at $149.95 for 32GB, $199.95 for 64GB, and $299.95 for 128GB. They all store up to 6,000mAh of battery power. The 32GB model is available on Amazon, other models are available on mophie.com. And yes, that pricing is higher than most battery packs, but Mophie’s Spacestation is the smartest battery pack money can buy.

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The Good: Sleek, Portable, Durable, Large battery capacity (6000mAh), Large storage options (up to 128GB), Easy to use, Easy way to get movies onto phone/tablet
The Bad: Space app interface and usability could be improved